Understanding your Website Needs

To understand your website needs and objectives, we will appreciate if you could answer the questions below.

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    Website Message

    1 – What is the message you wish to communicate to your audience with the website?

    2 – What are the goals you intend to reach with the website?

    3 – Who is your target audience? (Please describe in detail)

    4 – How does your company differentiate itself from its competitors?

    5 – Specify the key reasons why customers choose your company?

    Website Perception

    1 – Use three adjectives to describe how the site should be perceived by the user.
    (examples: clean, professional, trendy, cool, conservative, serious, energetic, humorous)

    2 – Is this different from your current company image perception?

    3 – What is the biggest challenge in getting this image across to customers in your optionion?

    4 – Do you have any visual elements or styles that can be utilized from existing marketing
    materials or collateral? If so, please Describe them (brochure, logo etc)

    5 – List any websites you like and explain what do you find most interesting about them?

    6 – List your competitors websites and describe what you like or dislike about their
    overall web presence.

    Website Objectives

    1 – What is the primary objective you wish your target user to take from the main page of your website?
    (examples: Buy, Download,, browse, visit a certain page, email, explore, click button, call via phone,

    2 – What is the primary objective you wish your target user to take before leaving your website?
    Is it the same objective as #1? If not, please describe.

    3 – What elements are key items you wish to be available on every page? (examples: Banners, Click to action etc.)

    Website Content

    1 – Do you have any content available to input on the website? If not, will you be creating content in-house or will you need this to be provided?

    2 – What is the basic structure of your content and how is it organized? (If you have images, are they on disk, usb? Regarding articles or text, are they in electronic format, ie Word document or others)

    3 – Do you have any elements you see as appearing on every page?

    Website Technology

    1 – Do you have a domain name, server and emails already set up? If yes, please speficy

    2 – Do you want your website to be available on specific platforms? If yes, please speficy

    3 – Do you require a shopping cart system and security certificate for transactions?

    Website Launch

    1 – What is your target launch date? What are the factors surrounding this deadline?

    2 – Do you have any legal issues that require attention (examples: copyrights, trademarks, servicemarks, trade secrets, patents, etc.)

    Additional notes